Caltech Bioinformatics Resource Center

Professor Lior Pachter, Faculty Adviser

Dr. Ingileif Hallgrimsdottir, Statistician

Dr. Lambda Moses, Computational Biologist

Caltech Bioinformatics Resource Center (CBRC) provides pipeline development, benchmarking, bioinformatics consulting, and general training to all Caltech researchers. This Resource Center bridges the gap between biological research and up-to-date NGS information technology (e.g., single-cell RNA-seq data workflow), and supports both technology development and novel biology discoveries in a collaborative manner.

This facility utilizes on-campus computational resources for pipeline development, data processing and bioinformatics analysis. Caltech and external customers are welcome to contact the center for bioinformatics consulting services.

About Caltech Bioinformatics Resource Center (CBRC)

CBRC is affiliated with the Beckman Institute at Caltech and provides bioinformatics services to the community.

Technology development

As a Beckman Institute Resource Center, CBRC is involved in developing and benchmarking new bioinformatics tools for genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomic data processing. (YouTube video from Professor Lior Pachter Lab).

Customized bioinformatics services

CBRC works with Caltech and external groups to study basic biological systems and to tackle biomedical problems. Fee-based bioinformatics services are provided for NGS workflow development and NGS data analysis.

Seminars, workshops and office hours

CBRC supports bioinformatics seminars and hands-on workshops. Our staff also provide free-of-charge office hours to Caltech groups (appointment required).

Bioinformatics Services

CBRC provides the following services for members of the Caltech community:

  • Genomic NGS data analysis
  •       WGS, WES, targeted panel

  • Transcriptomic NGS data analysis
  •       Bulk RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq

  • Epigenomic NGS data analysis
  •       WGBS, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, Hi-C, HiChIP;

  • Statistical consulting

  • Customized workflow development

  • Web tool development and hosting for data visualization

  • Resources

    A list of commonly used NGS bioinformatics tools:

  • Genome:
  •       BWA



  • Transcriptome:
  •       KALLISTO


  • Epigenome:
  •       MACS2




  • Misc:
  •       The Network Data Exchange

          Gene Information eXtension

          Single-cell RNASeq tools

          Single-cell best practices

          Gene ontology g:Profiler





          The Connectivity Map

          VisANT Biological Network

          Deep learning in biology

          A guide to machine learning for biologists

          Machine Learning Packages


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