About Proteomics

Proteomics webapp was developed on top of a Caltech PEL software package
[tidyproteomics](https://github.com/jeffsocal/tidyproteomics) to provide 
customers a user-friendly web interface for data analysis. 

Please email pel@caltech.edu for comments.

Quick Start for DEP analysis:

1) Select source of quantification table (default: ProteomeDiscover);
2) Select analyte type (default: proteins);
3) Select data normalization method (default: limma);
4) Input group1 ID (use all lower-case letters: e.g., convert 'HT-KO' to 'ht_ko');
5) Input group2 ID (use all lower-case letters: e.g., convert 'WT' to 'wt';
6) Upload the quantification xlsx table and click 'Submit' button;
7) Click 'DEP Analysis' side-panel button and wait for the results.

DEP analysis will generate the results with gene IDs if the input xlsx contains a 
column named "Gene Symbol", otherwise, the results will have protein accession IDs
if a column named "Accession" is found.

Data normalization

Download normalized data

Missing value imputation

Download imputed data

Differential expression analysis

Download DEP Volcano Plot Download differential expression table